Saving Energy
and Maximising

...through Artificial Intelligence

The Cheapest Energy is the Energy You Don’t Use.

  • Up to half of all energy produced for home consumption is unnecessarily wasted on unoccupied homes.
  • Our technology can predict when and where energy will be needed so that homes can save money and utilities can operate more efficiently.


Always the perfect temperature,
ready when you are.

Energy Saving

Energy Savings

Ultimate efficiency,
never wasting a single kilowatt



Utilising Artificial Intelligence
to precisely predict your energy needs

Never Come Home
to a Cold House Again.

Whenever you’re away or whenever you’re home,
whether you’re on a trip or you’ve just stepped out,
ÜberEnergy will make the right decisions
to save you energy and money.

Monitoring Home Usage
and Applying Intelligence.

  • the users’ comings and goings
  • local weather patterns
  • home thermal efficiency
  • energy use spikes and dips

By applying machine learning technologies, ÜberEnergy provides the detailed information necessary to most efficiently manage energy generation, storage and consumption.

Find out how

You can save more energy than ever before,
while maintaining perfect comfort at all times!